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Permanent residence for business resident

There are several ways in which a Korean company can obtain a permanent residence card for those who have been assigned as a resident of a U.S. branch or subsidiary and want to obtain permanent residency in the United States and continue to reside there.


Apart from EB-5 investment immigration, which allows you to receive permanent residency if you invest a large amount, here are some practical methods for most people:


1. Invitation of relatives for permanent residency:


This is a way to get a permanent resident sponsor from relatives who have US citizenship or permanent residence. You must be looking to find out. First, let me explain the scope of relative sponsorship. U.S. citizens can invite their spouses, minor children (under 21), adult children (married and unmarried), parents and siblings, and U.S. permanent residents can invite spouses, minors Only children (under 21 years of age) and unmarried adult children may be invited.


2. Employer Invitation:


This is a method to receive a permanent residence sponsor from the company you are currently working for or another company, and you can receive it when the company agrees to the permanent residence sponsor. In order to obtain permanent residency in this way, the employer will need to explain why it is difficult for the employer to hire another American employee who can do the job for which the green card applicant will be.


However, in most cases, the Korean head office demands or expects that expatriates return to the Korean head office after the expatriate dispatch period is over.


3. Independent Permanent Residence(“National Interest Waiver”):


If none of the above apply to you, you can apply for the National Interest Waiver independently, without the need for an employer sponsor, by proving that you are of an ability to provide exceptional service to the national interest of the United States. ” You can receive permanent residency through the system, and many Korean business expatriates in the United States have obtained permanent residency through this system.


National Interest Waiver is often called “NIW”, and has been received by people in various occupations such as business expatriates, engineers, doctors, university professors, and entrepreneurs. This will take


NIW has many advantages over other fields of permanent residency, and best of all, it does not require employment in the United States, so you can apply independently without needing to find an employer.


You only need to prove with objective data your ability and achievements that can help the 'national interest' such as scientific and technological development and economic revitalization of the United States. Or by showing that these companies have generated very high profits or contributed greatly to expanding customers due to their sales strategy, etc., so that many other companies in the United States can enjoy these benefits in the future. You have been approved for permanent residence by proving that you have the ability to do so.

If you have any questions or need assistance on how to apply for permanent residence or other matters that are best for you, please contact our attorneys using the contact information below. (Alternatively, send your resume to the email address below and our attorneys will contact you shortly after review.):

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