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Based on more than 20 years of experience, Newland Consulting has been working in various fields of federal law and the Territory of Guam law.


Due to the unique geographical characteristics of Guam that are close to various Asian countries such as Korea, the Philippines, Japan, and China, we are working on large-scale international cases, including overseas investment cases, as well as cases of domestic customers in Guam.


In line with our international character, our lawyers are fluent in a variety of languages including English, Korean and Japanese.


We are always doing our best for those who need help in legal matters, business and life in Korea and Guam.

Immigration Law Service

We have a very professional and diverse knowledge and experience in immigration law based on our long experience working in law firms specializing in immigration law in Guam and mainland USA.

US Visas and Permanent Residency

Our attorneys had long and intensive experience in immigration law in various immigration law ...

National Interest Waiver (NIW)

The “NIW (National Interest Waiver)” is a system by which professionals such as doctors, professors...

Guam Immigration Services

Most US immigration procedures can be conducted in Guam in the same way as in the mainland U.S. ...

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Attorneys & Counselors

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